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What brush does my hair need?

With a brush, you can detangle or style your hair. But you cannot just use any type of brush for your hair. Luckily, HB Care has the right type of brush for any hair type in stock:

Brushes for detangling and straightening your hair
-Detangling brush: with these brushes you can painlessly detangle your hair. They come in different shapes. Detangling brushes can be used for any hair length and are particularly suitable for thick and coarse hair.
-Paddle brush: a large, rectangular brush in the shape of a paddle. Ideal for detangling and smoothening your hair.

Round brushes to create curls and volume:
- round brushes with a small diameter are ideal for short hair. They allow you to create sturdy curls. Small diameter brushes cannot be used in long hair, for your hair may get stuck in the brush.
- round brushes with a large diameter are developed for medium length to long hair. With these brushes, you can create curls and volume.

Backcomb/dressing brushes:
Backcomb brushes are thin, rectangular brushes, which are perfect for backcombing medium lengt hand long hair. Backcombing provides volume and helps to keep your hair in shape longer.

Styling brushes:
Styling brushes are ideal for styling and detangling short to medium length hair or to create volume.

Vent brushes:
A vent brush is used on short to medium length hair for styling or creating additional volume.

Different types of brush hair:

- boar bristles: made of real boar hair, these brushes are particularly suitable for short and fine hair.
- brushes of synthetic or nylon hair: brushes with synthethic hairs, in some cases around nylon pins. Ideal for thick, long and/or coarse hair.
- combined brushes: brushes with plastic pins, surrounded by boar hair. This combination allows you to straighten curly or frizzy hair and make it shine.