Beauty Pillow Champagne 60X70 Cm

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An innovative satin multi layer anti-wrinkle beauty product that helps to prevent the drag on your skin that causes wrinkles. This is a truly revolutionary and luxurious accessory designed to help with a problem that everybody male and female eventually suffers from. The soft, satin anti-wrinkle pillow has been sold successfully since 2003 in beauty salons around the UK, but now the exciting expansion of the much loved pillow is now available to customers all over the world. The product is suitable for both sexes that want to wake up to a more beautiful, less wrinkled tomorrow. It is well known that sleeping on satin is the ultimate sleep luxury. Film stars have used the material for years to maintain their flawless skin. In particular the glamorous fashion icon Marilyn Monroe often mentioned that her trick to keeping a youthful face was her trusty satin pillow that reduced any chance of sleep wrinkles creeping in. Today the technologically enhanced Beauty Pillow has taken the luxurious material and anti-wrinkle concept to a new level by adding multi layers which allows the pillow to flow with your skin, preventing the dreaded face drag. – 100% polyester satijn – size pillowcase 60 x 70 cm
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Brand Beauty Pillow
Product type Hair Accessories Beauty Pillow
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