Fudge Colour Lock conditioner 300 ml

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Prolong the life, vibrancy and intensity of your hair colour with Fudge Colour Lock Conditioner. It locks in the colour pigments in your hair, while maximising shine. Colour Lock Conditioner contains specially designed cationic conditioning polymers that reduce drying time. It also able to create less damage to your hair and reduce flyaways.Fudge Colour Lock has a unique Puricare ingredient, designed to prolong your hair colour and keep it more vibrant. Puricare has a special anti-pollution formula that protects your hair from environmental grime, such as UV light, pollution, chemical and thermal stress. How to use: Use the conditioner after shampooing. Apply small amount of conditioner to palms of your hands. Massage thoroughly. Leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse carefully.
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More Information
Product Type hair Care conditioner
Hair type Coloured hair
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