Fuente For men menthol shampoo bath 250ml

•Can be applied on greasy or sensitive scalp with dandruff formation, psoriasis and itchiness
•Ingredients include comfrey, lichen and witch hazel
•Stimulates cell renewal in the scalp
•Has a calming, soothing and curative effect
The shampoos are of high quality and their effect is unprecedented. They clean, relax and revitalize the hair and scalp. Naturally, thanks to the rich composition of herbs, vegetable proteins, oils and curative extracts. And with the shampoos from FFM your hair smells irresistibly fresh.

The shampoos are put together based on the Fuente philosophy and our wealth of knowledge in the field of moisture-regulating elements and building blocks like proteins. All products are perfectly balanced and geared to the structure of male hair and, of course, free from parabens.

For the shampoos from Fuente for Men, we chose a totally new composition, still entirely on a natural basis and retaining the foam formation and specific wash properties that men want. So the quality of these shampoos is so high that we can easily claim we're dealing here with one of the best men's shampoos.
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Additional Information

Hairtype dandruff
Use shampoo
Size Normal


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